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Default Dell D3000 fails to display on external monitors after disconnect

Every time I disconnect my laptop from the Dell™ SuperSpeed™ Dual Video USB 3.0 Docking Station (D3000) and reconnect the dual monitor setup does not work. I tried connecting my wireless mouse and keyboard to the D3000 and it works. Also, the ethernet port lights up but the computer does not recognize it as connected to the internet.

I have gone through this multiple times in the past and have been able to restore the functionality of the D3000 by restarting, unplugging, re-installing, driver updating, etc. previously but now I have been unable to get the D3000 to work.

I see it listed in the device manager however when I run the display link support tool it states "We could not detect a DisplayLink product connected to the PC." "Warning: Device not attached" but everything passes. The computer makes the device connected sound and device disconnected sound every time I plug/unplug it, which I have tried in each of the four USB ports. I have been working on this for over two hours -- any help would be greatly appreciated.

Before you ask:

I have

1. Disconnected the dock / adapter / monitor
2. Uninstalled DisplayLink Software
3. Run the cleaner tool from here: http://www.displaylink.com/support/ticket.php?id=297
4. Re-installed DisplayLink Software
5. Reconnected the dock / adapter / monitor

many times and it still doesn't work; including shutting down and restarting my laptop

I have

updated to the latest drivers 7.6M0 then uninstalled the software/drivers and tried all versions back to 6.3M1 (using the DisplayLink cleaner tool each time)

and none of them worked.

I have

given up trying to make it work and therefore included two logs (two hours apart) from the display link support tool for your perusal and advice.

Thank you for your time,

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Default Exchange the D3000

Targus is aware of a hardware issue that has recently been diagnosed with some older D3000 docks. This issue is most easily recognized in the Windows Device Manager where no USB Display Adapters and no dock Giga Ethernet Network adapters are present. It is also when neither of the dock’s display ports or Ethernet ports work at all. The issue is intermittent and temperature dependent over time, showing up mostly at colder temperatures. Manufacturing has produced at ECN for a workaround for all newly manufactured docks but for deployed units that exhibit the misbehavior, please contact Dell for a free exchange.
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Default Dell tech support will not exchange


Thank you for your quick reply!

I tried calling dell at your suggestion and they will not offer any help since the docking station is 4 months out of warranty. I tried to explain to the supervisor that I was unhappy with that answer and he was apologetic but did not offer any other options. I did not report the problems during the warranty period because I was able to get the docking station to work (seems reasonable to me).

The tech support technician and supervisor also claim that they are unaware of any hardware issues with the D3000.

I don't want to spend another $150 on a product that has failed and caused me so much stress and heartache. However, after a quick search for a new docking station, there does not seem to be many to choose from

Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated,

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Default Ordered new Dell D3000 --- SAME PROBLEM!

I ordered a new dell D3000 docking station because I need the dual monitor setup for work. I have the exact same problem as above and conclude that it is not a hardware issue.

I don't understand why the displaylink tool does not recognize that the docking station is attached when the USB ports work.

Is there anyone who can help solve this problem?

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Thumbs down The problem has to do with the displaylink drivers


Once the new driver version (7.6 M2) came out on 7-18-2014 both external monitor displays worked. Therefore the bullshit that targuslevel3 thought was a hardware issue was a complete lie and cost me because I bought another one of these pieces of garbage.

I once again disconnected my laptop and reconnected it and now I am back to square one where it fails to recognize and display on my external monitors. I tried upgrading to the 7.7 Beta 1 which did absolutely nothing. I have again tried all of the previous steps mentioned and have spent a couple hours of my time uninstalling, re-installing, and restarting.

I have never been so frustrated in my life!

I think the problem has to do with the drivers:

I have Generic Superspeed USB Hub and four occurrences (I'll call a-d) of "generic USB Hub" under the USB controllers heading in device manager.

Generic Superspeed USB Hub properties show has a location of Port_#0005.Hub_#0003 and driver provider is "Microsoft" and the date is "5/30/2014"

generic USB Hub "a" has a location of Port_#0001.Hub_#0003 and driver provider is "Microsoft" and the date is "5/30/2014"

generic USB Hub "b" has a location of Port_#0001.Hub_#0002 and driver provider is "Microsoft" and the date is "6/21/2006"

generic USB Hub "c" has a location of Port_#0004.Hub_#0005 and driver provider is "Microsoft" and the date is "5/30/2014"

generic USB Hub "d" has a location of Port_#0001.Hub_#0001 and driver provider is "Microsoft" and the date is "6/21/2006"

Now I am no expert but I am assuming that "Microsoft" and an eight year old date of "6/21/2006" is most likely the problem. I have tried updating using the search automatically and the browse my computer options with no luck.

Displaylink needs to be advised of this problem and release an immediate fix!
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Can you try the following:

1. Disconnect your dock's USB cable from your PC
2. Disconnect your dock's power cable from the dock
3. Reconnect your dock's power cable to the dock
4. Reconnect your dock's USB cable to your PC

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d3000, dell, driver, monitor

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