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Unhappy Audio problems - Windows 10


I have a laptop running Win 10 Pro 64 bit, and a Plugable UD-3000 DisplayLink device, with the analog audio sent to a conventional stereo system. I have constant problems getting audio from the web browser (Google Chrome) to feed to the Plugable device, even though it's set as the default speaker.

For example, I'll be playing streaming Internet radio on TuneIn. Some of the stations will "make it through" to the Plugable and then to the stereo, while others will "give up" and play audio through the laptop's tinny speaker. Some streaming music services, like Amazon Music, make it through, while others, like Spotify web player, won't. And some others like Pandora make it through sometimes.

Sometimes I can get the problem to go away temporarily by one of two techniques: clearing the browser cache or going to Control Panel, Audio, Playback tab, right-clicking on the Plugable Audio device, and choosing Test. Often the first time I do this, nothing happens, the highlight bounces quickly to the laptop's built-in speaker and then back to the Plugable; then I do it a second time and the test works properly (the audio goes through the Plugable to the stereo). After that, the audio *sometimes* flows from the browser through the Plugable device.

Audio from Windows apps like Windows Media Player seems to work fine; the problem is audio through the browser.

I've been back and forth with Plugable about this for a long time, and they end up pointing fingers at Windows 10. It's really getting exasperating.

Any ideas would be much appreciated!
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With very recent version of Windows 10, you don't even need a DisplayLink driver to play USB audio as it's in the OS itself but I'm sorry to report that it is unlikely to change the behaviour even if no DisplayLink driver will be in the loop.

In any case, a USB device driver is unaware of the application being used to play sound. There is no host software from DisplayLink controlling the audio: as you could see you've been using the Windows audio settings dialogue boxes.
The USB device driver doesn't have the necessary access privilege nor code to change the output (so even if we wanted, we cannot)
Some laptop manufacturers ship an add-on applications to pop-up a box when you plug something in, but we don't.
The only application we have, when installed, is exclusively for video (ethernet is direct too).

The only reason it works when you got a new device is probably because each time you plugged any new device in, or a device in a different USB port, Windows does a new instance of the driver. You would get the same by totally cleaning and replugging the device.

With the testing you have done /listed here (and only with the information you have provided here), the summary is that you only seem to have the issue with Google Chrome.
As the device or driver doesn't know what you are running, would you mind trying Spotify over Firefox browser?
"Google Chrome not playing through the default playback" device has had reports over the years on system where DisplayLink is not even remotely involved : only with speakers and headphones (USB or jack).

Would you have the result on Firefox (or Edge)?
Would you be able to post your logs so I know what which Windows 10 you are running? There are 4 major versions in circulation today (and weekly minor versions, and monthly packs). The third link in my forum signature links to the steep by step guide.

Kind regards,
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