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Default DisplayLink going nuts

Mac OS Sonoma 14.0
Apple M1
Dell E2311H Display 23-inch (1920 x 1080)
Dell P2214H Display 21.5-inch (1920x1080)

Dongle connecting the power cable and the DisplayLink to the Mac through the usbC port:
USB-C Digital AV Multiport Adapter

Every time I bump the DisplayLink or the dongle the monitors blink off and then back on. Even a slight bump is enough. They sent me a new DisplayLink, but it happens with the new one, too. Now it also randomly turns off sometimes, then back on, my monitors flashing on and off for a stretch. Once it starts happening I have to reboot to get it to stop. It also slows down my computer sometimes while this is happening, mouse movement gets very choppy, etc. The DisplayLink also doesn't come back on once the computer is asleep, I have to reboot. Finally, after I reboot, I often have to switch the USB-C port the dongle is plugged into to get the monitors to come back on.

I tried deleting the DisplayLink Manager and reinstalling it. I also tried installing it on a new laptop. Neither thing worked. However, every time I set up the new laptop, I loaded all my old software through Apple's setup process. So I suspect that it might work to completely wipe my laptop and start over without the Apple file transfer from my old computer, but I don't want to do that because it's (even more of) a pain.

Any suggestions would be very welcome. Thanks!
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This is clearly a loose connection rather than a software issue, I would say maybe an issue with the USB-C port or the cables on the MacBook. have you tried both..?

Also just create a separate test profile on the MacBook to take away any chance of it being software..
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I tried it on two different laptops, two different DisplayLinks, and two different dongles, and still had the same problems. Then there's the crazy slowdown I get, the hardware shouldn't impact my speed I wouldn't think. Like right now, I just tried some troubleshooting and it blinked out a bunch, and now each word I type takes longer, and the mouse moves very slowly and choppily across the screen. I've tried it with only one monitor or the other plugged in, no different. And my boss has tried it on her laptop and doesn't get the same issues. All that makes me think it's software. I'll give the profile thing a try.
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apple m1, connection problems, dual displays, macos sonoma

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