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Default Displaylink is not supported (M1 and Dell display)

I am using a Displaylink compatible Plugable, USBC-6950U. I have the following problem.
OS: mac 12.0.1
DisplayLink Manager 1.6.0

Q. On my Mac M1 (Mac book air), I cannot display the screen using Display Link. How can I get the screen to appear?
No screen appears, but sometimes a white screen appears only for a short time, about 0.2 seconds, and the display side is receiving the HDMI signal.

<What I have tried >
- Check whether the manufacturing ID of the Plugable conversion cable is a number such as 8080 when checked on the Mac side -> 0x6... No problem.

- The Mac side recognizes the Dell display (S2721Q) connected by the Plugable, and I can check the resolution and other status of the Dell display from the Preferences.

- When I used Windows instead of Mac, the connection using Displaylink with Plugable was possible and the display appeared.

- When I used Displaylink with another Dell display as the connection destination on mac m1, the connection was possible => Therefore, I think there may be a problem with Dell display S2721Q and am contacting Dell support. I have not received a reply yet.

Please tell me if anyone has the same situation in the same environment in this form.
Thank you.
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Post P.S

The HDMI cable (HDMI to HDMI) used the same cable for Dell when using windows, mac, and other dell displays.
I also used both the Amazon Basics HDMI and Dell HDMI cables respectively.
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Default Legacy Version works (1.5)

I am using a similar set up with the same results:
Displaylink compatible Plugable, UD-3900H
OS: mac 12.0.1

I have recently been using the 1.5 release, with my Dell display (S2721Q) as well. It has worked fine, but when updating to the 1.6 version for the rotated screen, my Dell monitor does not get an image, but my LG monitory is able to see the display as well as rotate.

I have switched HDMI cables and ports to my plugable dock, but each time only my Dell monitor is left black.

If you download Version 1.5 it should work (you just will not get screen rotation)

Hopefully there is a patch soon for the Dell monitors.
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Default Thank you

It worked. It was good. Thank you very much.
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dell, mac m1, plugable

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