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Default Deliberately lowering resolution to improve frame rate

Is there any way to deliberately lower the output resolution of the DisplayLink adaptor (at the computer/Windows end) so the frame rate can be high on the HDMI TV/monitor, even if at the expense of resolution?

I bought a DisplayLink adaptor a number of months ago and whilst it is perfect for viewing static images at 1920x1080 on my TV, I had hoped I might be able to watch catch-up TV or YouTube. I don't mind low res images being blown up to TV-screen size. My laptop only has USB 2.0 so throughput is obviously low, but the original image quality of the video I want to watch is also low.

It seems a waste of CPU cycles to upscale a low res video to a large screen size in the computer memory, only to struggle to compress it again to send it down the USB 2.0 cable to the DisplayLink box, only for it to be sent out at full HD resolution.

If the computer rendered/compressed a low res version and sent that down the USB 2.0 pipe to the DisplayLink box I'm sure frame rate could be a lot higher. Is this possible?

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