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Jan Hubený
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Default Displaylink - poor performance of network - case of big amount of small packets


I build an application which makes data move from oracle to firebird database. The application is written in java and use jdbc drivers for oracle and firebird. The application makes one select from oracle and then hundred thousands inserts to firebird database. Each insert generates small packet which is routed to firebird database and even smallerpacket which is routed back from the database server.

There is a significant difference in performance when running the application connected via built in network card and connected via displaylink docking station. Using latest drivers

On Ubuntu 20.04 - the performance is 5 times slower. That is instead of 5 minutes it takes 30 minutes running via displaylink docking station.

The performance drop is also on Windows 10, but not so significant - running the application via display link is 2 x times slower than running via built in network card.

I made several further tests and it seems, that the docking station has problems with lot of small packets. Network transfers of big files (nfs, scp protocols using jumbo frames) runs almost on theoretical speed of 1Gb ethernet.

Used hardware and software:
I have fresh installation of Ubuntu 20.04 LTS on Dell Vostro 5590 with integrated Intel UHD graphics and dedicated Nvidia GP108M [GeForce MX250]. I use the Dell D6000 universal docking station.
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poor network performance

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