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Default Displaylink on Ubuntu 19.10

I am currently running Displaylink 19.04 using Ubuntu with Wayland. I would like to upgrade to Ubuntu 19.10 but I really don't want it to mess up my DisplayLink drivers. I'm OK if I have to reinstall the drivers, but I'd like feedback on if anyone has had problems with DisplayLink on Ubuntu 19.10.

If people have had problems, I might just wait to upgrade when 20.04 comes out and DisplayLink is stable on that.
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(21 Feb so maybe too late to be useful...)

I've had the problems mentioned in the Known Issues - mostly the bad behavior on rotated screens (mouse droppings, keystrokes queued until mouse moved), but also the monitors not being present until I fiddle around in Display Configuration, everything being called a DVI, etc. Plasma desktop with sddm, displaylink ver 5.2, nvidia GeForce 745 for main 4K screen, two Scepter 24" monitors on a Dell D3100 (one rotated)
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