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Default Displayport screens keep going blank & keyboard repeating issue

Hello, I'm having an issue which I've now been able to reproduce on three different displayport docking stations (two plugable 6950s and one unnamed).

I have two displayport monitors connected to the dock, which is connected via USB-C to my asus ux507vw laptop.

Periodically, but usually during a video conference, both screens will go black for a second or two. It seems to be random, no spikes in temperature, CPU or memory load when it happens.

My other issue is when I use a USB keyboard directly plugged into the docking station, it'll 'freeze' for a split second, then 'catch up' but with a bunch of repeated characters and sometimes entire words missed.

I've updated my thunderbolt drivers, firmware, got all windows updates, tried multiple versions of the displaylink drivers both from the vendors and displaylink, and nothing seems to have resolved it. Have updated laptop bios, and disabled USB suspend.

Completely exhausted all options with Plugable support.

My laptop is using the intel integrated graphics but also has an nvidia 960M gpu. I have not yet tried forcing it to use that.

Is there anything else I may try? Desperately trying to get this resolved.
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Hello AaronB,

Thank you for describing your issue. Please follow the steps described in this article : https://support.displaylink.com/know...rticles/544810 to collect Support Log files. They will allow me to understand your problem better and analyse the cause of it.

Thank you.

Aga S
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Hi Aaron,
I'm passing by and see your post. Several things here.

1. When the screen goes blank for a couple of seconds, does the screen content move back to the laptop display?
Do you only have a blink or is the USB device effectively temporarily disappearing is what this helps understanding. That tells if the issue on the monitor link, or higher in the chain.

2. You're talking about the Plugable and an unbranded one, can you get the hardware id from device manager? Do you know if it's DisplayLink as you also mention updating your Thunderbolt drivers?

3. Keyboard. DisplayLink chip or software has zero visibility or control of your keyboard traffic. Do you have the pause in typing also when typing on the laptop display? If so, you would be most likely experiencing USB communication troubles, explaining why the screen also drops: if the channel doesn't work, anything on it will be affected.

The next step is really the logs as Aga hinted...

Kind regards,
Alban Rampon
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