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Thumbs down b10159 and V7.9 b2

Was working fine with 10130 and Alpha.
Newest IP 10159 lost USB monitors with Alpha and same result with V7.9 B2.

No go Getting the following EVENT: Device USB\VID_17E9&PID_0053\0053-100043 requires further installation.

So 10159.fpl and V7.0 B2 are a NO GO
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FWIW - My upgrade to 10159 from 10130 kept my current DisplayLync settings intact and is working fine (I know that doesn't help you, but may be of interest to other readers)

Dell XPS 15 (Intel/Nvidia)
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Yes, I think there is a lot of variables on whether it works or not. I have an old GUC2020DW6 running DVI and a newer iClever using a displaylink chip running DVI on USB3. And now I see there is a new build going out, 10162 in fast ring.
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One thing to keep in mind is that upgrading in-place from one Insider build to the next should mean that existing, installed (and working!) drivers get migrated.

Going from 10130 to 10158, 10159 and 10162 was relatively painless for me. With 10162, Windows did note that drivers didn't fully install for some DisplayLink devices, but that was fixed by using the Update Driver option from Device Manager, and scanning the C: Drive to pick up the drivers.

For me, the real test will come once the final RTM version of Windows is released, so I can try installing a clean install from an ISO. At that stage, I'm hoping there'll also be either a new release of the DisplayLink software, or at least backed up copies of the current drivers which I can use as a fallback.

Video performance is much better for me with 10162 (no major display refresh lags). The main problem I have is with audio not working fully (and not helped, as I'm using a Corsair headset with its own support issues). For example, the Sound applet shows connected sound devices, but right-clicking and choosing Test produces the error "Failed to play test tone.".

As others have commented, it's all still a work in progress - I think the fact we're using relatively stable beta software is a testament to Microsoft really getting their act together (and supported by first class OEMs and ISVs, like DisplayLink).
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