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This board is dedicated to feedback from users of DisplayLink software version 8.0 Beta on Windows 10 RS builds currently available through the Windows Insiders program exclusively.

For normal Windows users, including Windows 10, use the Windows Software board.
First you will need to join the Windows Insiders Program. It may then take a few days for you to receive the necessary updates to run a Windows 10 Insiders version.

Once you are running a Windows 10 RS build, you can download DisplayLink USB Graphics Software for Windows driver version 8.0 Beta 4. You should not use our driver version 7.9 and below on Windows 10 RS operating system.

To report an issue you observed:
  1. Use our customer support tool to capture the log files
  2. Create a NEW thread in this board explaining how to reproduce the problem. Don't pile on an existing one as one identical symptom could have different root causes.
  3. Also specify what the issue is in details, and what you were expecting to happen
  4. Give any other detail which can help reproduce and understand your problem (video, picture...)
Please do not request us to do a remote desktop, TeamViewer, WebEx or any other debugging session. It is impossible to troubleshoot graphics over such tools as they are altering what is being observed: they show what the graphics card thinks about, not what is actually displayed on your monitor.

Blue screens crashes (BSoDs) when using native DisplayLink USB graphics on Windows 10 RS needs to be reported to Microsoft.
Our drivers are unable to be the source of BSoDs in Windows 10 RS.
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Where to download the latest DisplayLink drivers
How to clean up a corrupted installation
How to report issues to DisplayLink for a speedy resolution

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