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Default Beta 5.6 Win2008R2 issues

Running Win2008R2, ATI Radeon HD 5700. 3 displays: 2 DVI and 1 Display port (2 Apple HD 25' and 1 Apple HD 30'). 3 displays working fine. Installed 5.6 beta with displayLink with 4th monitor. Worked fine, tested 4th monitor with high resolution visualization from media player. Very nice indeed.

Monitors turned off as part of power plan last night (2008R2 never sleeps, much like I) and this morning only 2 of my 3 ATI cinema displays were working (the 2 DVI ports). The dispaly adpater was working. The Display Port monitor was not available in configuration. Rebooted, and the Display Link *and* Display port on ATI not working. Uninstalled ATI driver, reinstalled and the 2 DVIs came up, but not diplay port or DisplayLink. Got an "incompatible driver" message on startup for DisplayLink. Currently using only the 2 DVIs, and have left the DisplayLink software installed.

If you guys would like to use this issue for Beta testing purposes, I'm happy to leave the configuration as-is and to participate in troubleshooting if it would help dev with the beta. I'll be standing by. Thanks.
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Default Update

I got greedy and wanted my 3rd monitor up so that I could have visualizations while blasting TuneStaks and coding (devs know how that is). Had unplugged USB DisplayLink. Plugged it back it, and the DisplayLink monitor came right up. The HD cinema display on the ATI Display Port is still not showing up as an option, so again, I'm happy to test with you guys if needed.
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2008 r2, beta drivers

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