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Exclamation Ubuntu 20.04 Boot Fail after DisplayLink Driver Installed ASUS TUF

I installed a fresh Ubuntu 20.04. The install went fine without a problem, the system had a boot issue which was resolved by adding nomodeset to grub. Then, I went to install the DisplayLink driver for my dock, following these instructions: https://support.displaylink.com/know...rticles/684649.

This seemed to work fine until I rebooted my laptop and was given an error message that shows:
"sof-audio-pc1 000:00:1f.3: error: no reply expected, recieved 0x0"
"HDMI HDA Codec ehdaud1o0D2:notifier register failed: err: -19"
"HDMI HDA Codec ehdaud1o0D2:ASoC: failed to probe component -19"
"sk1_hda_dsp_generic sk1_hda_dsp_generic: ASoC: failed to instantiate card -19"

that error message was seen on booting. It won't go any further than that, I can switch tty and do a sudo displaylink-installer uninstall to remove the driver and the laptop works fine, but obviously unable to use the dock and therefore my other monitors.

Can anyone help please?
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What worked for me was removing nomodeset.

Context being - after removing nomodeset, I could get past the hdaudio hdaudio C0D3: unable to bind the codec error onto the login screen and could log in, but my HP laptop would shut down abruptly - which is why I had nomodeset in the first place.

My NVIDIA drivers were messy. They wouldn't function, nor would they get installed properly.

After some forum reading, it turned out that nomodeset isn't a necessity if nvidia drivers are installed properly. I installed a fresh copy of Ubuntu 20.04 LTS, booted in keeping nomodeset, apt installed nvidia-utils-470, rebooted. Now NVIDIA drivers don't boot with nomodeset. Rebooted into a root shell in recover mode, verified NVIDIA drivers are working with nvidia-smi. Removed nomodeset from grub, and rebooted.

Everything was working fine now. Could install Display Link drivers and could reboot without any errors.
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Default Same issue with dell Latitude and latest Ubuntu 20.04

I have installed the latest firmware of display link USB with version displaylink-driver-5.4.1-55.174.run and start or reboot of machine fails.

During boot there is no error and boot stop as following:

[ OK ] Started Snap Daemon. Starting Wait until snapd is fully seeded„.
[ OK ] Started Daemon for power management.
[ OK ] Finished Wait until snapd is fully seeded, Starting Load/Save Screen Backlight Brightness of becklight:intel_backlight...
[ OK ] Finished Load/Save Screen Backlight Brightness of becklight:intel_backlight. Starting Save/Restore Sound Card State...
[ OK ] Finished Save/Restore Sound Card State.
[ OK ] Reached target Sound Card.
[ OK ] Finished Network Manager Wait Online.
[ OK ] Reached target Network is Online. Starting Docker Application Container Engine...
[ OK ] Starting Tool to automatically collect and submit kernel crash signatures...
[ OK ] Started crash report submission daemon.
[ OK ] Started Tool to automatically collect and submit kernel crash signatures.

If i remove driver with: sudo displaylink-installer uninstall Ubuntu start correctly.

I'm not able to open a ticket because there is no error. Do you have some idea to see where could be a log to see the problem?


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