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Default 8.6 beta Windows 10 - display issues changed but still present

I'm using a 6950 docking station on an i7 skylake laptop.

Two external screens running at 2k each. Connected via displayport cables. (Same issue occurs over HDMI)

With v8.5 drivers and older, if I was on a microsoft teams video call or screenshare, both screens would go blank for a second or two ever few minutes.

I installed the 8.6 beta drivers and enabled alternate encoding in the registry.

With 8.6 beta drivers, the video feed and input to the screen now freezes for a couple of seconds, then the screens go blank for a couple of seconds.

Essentially the issue is slightly worse now as it interrupts work for a couple more seconds due to the freeze.

The external keyboard input will also lag and omit characters if plugged into the docking station.
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