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Default No video on DisplayLink Device

I just received a DisplayLink USB->DVI device.
Everything works out of the box (using the 5.3 drivers).

However, I had several issues with video playing.

Computer #1 - Windows 7 x86 - Intel Graphics G41
At first, I couldn't get any video to play on my Displaylink screen. let's say I take Windows media player window to the DisplayLink screen, I get black where video is suppose to be.
Updating the intel drivers did the trick and everything works.

Computer #2 - Windows XP professional x86 - Intel Mobile 4 - HP Elitebook
Everything works except video is black.
Can't update drivers since it's an HP laptop and drivers can only be updated from the HP site, which didn't update the drivers for some time.

What can I do, the point of the device was to allow a laptop (that doesn't have HDMI) to become a Media Center, but now it's impossible.

Are you aware of such issues with Older intel drivers?
Should I install an older Displaylink Driver?
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On XP, the version of Intel driver should not affect DisplayLink. Are you using Windows media center or a different media player?


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