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Christian Groove
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Default Activation of non-standard window-decoration caus temp. deadlock & reinitialisation


i noticed an instable behaviour of the Displaylink adapter, when i touch a window, that has non standard window-decorations (i.e. Firefox). Firefox has some buttons in on its window decoration (top side), that allows to switch between browser tabs.

So when my mouse leaves another window and goes straight to a browser-tab-button, in order to switch to another browser tabview, the display-link gets frozen, and after a period of time starts to reinitialize the whole monitor environement.
It looks like a conversation-lockup, the mouse still moves but the rest is frozen, until a reinitialisation takes place.

my weak intrepretation, what might happened inside:
It looks an overseen event transition, maybe the driver first expects a sort of window enter, before a mouse button-push action takes place.

What do you think?

Windows-10 (updated)
Displaylink-Driver (updated)
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Hello Christian,

It would be useful to contact technical support on technical-enquiries@synaptics.com
However, I don't expect us to be responsible here.

DisplayLink driver does not get given objects from the compositor but a flat sea of pixels. We do not know it's part of a title bar, an icon or a background, we get a pixel.
All the composition of the different windows/elements is sent to the GPU by Windows which then hands over a composed desktop (hence my 'flat' reference) to the interface we use.

Alban Rampon
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Christian Groove
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Maybe a found a solution for my Thinkbook P16 (with Ryzen, Radeon + Nvidia Grpu).
I switched to the most recent Radeon driver an the Problem seems to be solved.

-> Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. - Display - 30.0.13033.5003
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locking up

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