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Unhappy Display Link drive 8.1 M0 Mouse, Keyboard, and UI lag.

My current issue is that I have extreme latency on my DisplayLink'd monitors when any graphical program is also running on them.
Anything that would cause a decent portion of the screen to do more than 5fps worth of updates causes horrible lag.

DisplayLink version 8.1 M0 (8.1.843.0 in Manager)
I used to be an avid gamer before the Win10 Anniversary update and the 8.x drivers that came with it.
Mouse lag, Screen tearing, and low FPS are all common issues when there is something graphically intensive on one of the linked screens.
The latency is present across all the Display Link screens simultaniuously and regardless of the program in focus, even typing is difficult.
If the program is moved to a screen that is hard wired to the host machine (Direct HDMI/DVI) there is no latency even on the DisplayLink screens.
If the program is on a DisplayLink screen and is minimized, or not currently on top of other applications there is no latency.

When any graphically intensive programs are up on a DisplayLink'd screen the drivers spike in CPU usage quite badly.
~15% to Desktop Window Manager, ~12% to Windows Driver Foundation (User-mode Driver Frame work Host Process)
This includes me watching YouTube in Chrome.

Having a program on the DisplayLink'd screens for a longer period of time causes the DisplayLink device to crash entirely.
The monitors disconnect entirely and go black, Windows plays its unplugged device, and plugged in device tunes, and the flicker back to life.
This sometimes repeats a couple times before it settles down.

My mouse is connected directly to the host machine, keyboard is via DisplayLink.
DisplayLink is connected directly to the host machine via USB 3.0

Example games / programs are: YouTube, Borderlands, StarCraft.

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8.1, crashing, fps, lag, latency

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