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Default System borked after installation

DisplayLink Driver installation has left me in a bad state. Getting `NetworkManager missing`, issues shutting down, etc.

I installed https://www.displaylink.com/downloads/ubuntu to get the monitor plugged into my USB-C docking station to work. So I did (as per installation guide),

apt-get install dkms


I didn't fix the monitor issue, but it did create some new issues...

I plug in the docking station USB-C. I am connected via Ethernet for 30m-1h. Then suddenly connection fails.

My menu bar still says Ethernet connected but I can't open Settings. When it doesn't fail to respond it tells me NetworkManager needs to be running. At this point I am not able to connect over WiFi either, and booting down doesn't work properly either. I eventually have to force shut down in order to be able to reboot. Once I do, I'm back to normal.

As a reaction, I choose to just not plug in to the docking station. But even so, my Wifi tends to fall out intermittently. I don't seem to be confronted with the NetworkManager missing issue in this case though.

Uninstalling hasn't helped

displaylink-installer uninstall

apt-get remove dkms

Any help?

I'm running ubuntu 18.04.

It's also worth noting that when I am in the network failure state I am not able to run the DisplayLink Support tool that creates bug reports.
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