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Default AOC usb monitor all of sudden says power surge on usb hub

I have no idea if is related to me installing the beta of displaylink, but now when i plug in my aoc usb monitor E1659FWUX 156LM0005, i get a toast from Windows saying that the device has exceeded the available power on the usb port...

Let's there was a problem when the driver was updating the firmware on first connect, could the device be bricked ? is there a way to recover ?

I don't know how to diagnose-fix the problem...
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Sorry I missed the threads on here.

The AOC draws a fair amount of current... as you've got the panel and backlight. I'd recommend using the Y-cable or using it through an externally powered USB hub if your host controller is complaining.

The devices using DisplayLink chip which can be firmware upgraded have also a fallback mechanism. Automatically, if you were to have an issue during the flashing, the device would switch back to factory firmware and AOC tests their devices before they ship them so the backup will work. Then, the host software will try and reflash transparently.
These devices don't support fast firmware update, so it is not as quick as with the newer chips.

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Default AOC usb monitor all of sudden says power surge on usb hub

I will submit the unit for RMA fix-exchange...

The device worked for months before i got this behavior... The timing looks like it started happening when i installed the beta, but i really can't remember if it ran once after i installed 8.2 beta or if it's the first usage that bricked the device.

Now the device won't run at all on any computer, i always get the same message...
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