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Default Monitors freeze when photoshop booted


I have reached out to support and am waiting a solution from Daniel, but thought in the meantime I would ask here as well.

I have a Mac Studio 2022 M1 Ultra running Monterey 12.7.1

Connected to that is a Alogic Universal Docking Station DX3 via USB-C Ports on the back.

I have three monitors connected the Alogic Universal Docking Station DX3

1 via a display port cable
2 via a DVI to Display port cable

They all show up once I launch the DisplayLink Manager 1.10 software.

The problem is that when I launch photoshop - either current beta or the current stable release, two of the three monitors freeze.

usually I can still use the monitor that was active BEFORE booting DisplayLink Manager 1.10

If I go to that monitor and make different program the active program, say, apple mail, then I usually regain access to the other two monitors - if I bring photoshop to the foreground again, the same thing happens, and this is all assuming that I can even properly launch photoshop, most often is stalls at the splash screen.

I have tried with GPU acceleration in Photoshop enabled and disabled.

I am hoping someone else has had this issue and resolved it!


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Smile Solved

On a whim, I decided to install the last previous version of the software, 1.09 and all the problems went away .

Photoshop works, all the monitors work and another issue that I had which was the the DL icon not showing in the menu bar, now does.

So looks like there are some bugs in 1.10 insofar as my particular set up is concerned.

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