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Default Keep seeing M1 videos using DisplayLink and multiple monitors. Can't get it to work

I have an M1 MacBook Pro 13" and keep seeing these videos of people running up to 6 monitors on the M1chip. As instructed I am using a CalDigit Thunderbolt Station 3 Plus and a Startech HDMI to USB converter with no luck. My first problem is that DisplayLink says "no monitor detected". I watched a video with Dany from Targus who at 2:03 shows that in system preferences - Security and Privacy - Privacy - Screen Recording you must enable DisplayLink in this window. DisplayLink is not listed in this window on my machine. I did see the DisplayLink post about M1 Macs not supported yet, but others are doing it. any help is appreciated

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Thank you for reaching out!

CalDigit does not use DisplayLink technology in their products and we'd have to know the exact model of the Startech adapter that you have to confirm if it has DisplayLink chipset in it. If it does not then you will see No Monitor Detected message in DisplayLink Manager as it needs to connect to a DisplayLink device that would have the monitor connected to it. Please let us know what is the Startech device that you own and we will check it
Also please make sure that you see the dock and the adapter under the USB bus to ensure that the computer sees it as connected.

DisplayLink does support M1 computers, we do not support Clamshell Mode (aka. closed lid) and rotation in M1 computers.

Best regards,
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Thanks KatarzynaKowalczyk,

I returned the CalDigit hub and bought a DisplayLink hub and Bingo, typing on my three screen setup now. 😀

Thanks again for your help...
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