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Default What are the limitations for gaming?

I'm playing with i-tec docking station with DL-6950 and trying various games to see what's the difference vs direct GPU connection (on a desktop). So far what I noticed:

* World of Warcraft doesn't really change performance
* Frostpunk, Skyrim seems to loose some FPS
* Fallout 4: big FPS drop
* Witcher 3: black screen menu, can't really run the game
* 3DMark benchmarks: won't run
* Unigine Superposition benchmark: runs with a bit lower score

So are there some limitations of what DisplayLink chips can and can't handle well?

WoW runs as windowed DX12 while other are DX11 fullscreen.

(and also I get only 30 FPS for 3440x1440 display - https://displaylink.org/forum/showthread.php?t=67328 )
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To a big extend, it depends on Windows and how it is able to assign the job to nVidia GPU (usually Intel GPU would be doing the calculation, Windows has to move it to nVidia (AMD laptops usually do not have 2 GPUs so there should not be this problem)).
Also, you should play in (Borderless) Windowed mode - Fullscreen doesn't have to work.

And how big FPS drop depends on how much the nVidia/AMD is used my the game - since both, game and DL driver, will want to use it.

But DisplayLink docking stations/adapters are not really for gaming. Their main purpose is office work.
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On the whole my games run just fine if the DisplayLink displays are extending the directly connected Primary display.
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