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Default Does using a displaylink 6950 without the video lessen performance impact?

Hi all,

If I want to use my displaylink 6950 purely as a USB, audio, and ethernet hub and not connect the video ports, will it use significantly more system resources than if I used a standard USB/audio hub?

thank you
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Hello Aaron,

The short answer is no.

The DL-6950 ASIC is a composite USB device, it has different interfaces with different functions using different drivers. It is connected to a USB hub within the product, like if you were connecting a separate USB Ethernet dongle and USB headphones.

The video encoding part is the one requiring more computing power because we do this in software. Doing that in software and using standard USB traffic is the reason the solution is universal, it doesn't require a special chip in the host machine.
With 9.0 on Windows 10 with the DL-6950, we are moving the encoding away from the CPU.

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