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Default Support for systems with CrossfireX/SLI?

I'm about this close from buying one of the DoubleSight USB monitors, but then I saw a warning from a review that systems with multiple GPUs aren't supported. I see the person that posted this issue was back with older drivers (looks like maybe 5.2) and I ran across this forum and see things have changed.

I'm currently building a system with two ATI HD 6950s, and would love to use this monitor with my system, but I would like to get a definitive answer to whether or not this monitor will work in a system with CrossfireX enabled. My OS is/will be Win7 x64 Pro. I've searched, but unfortunately I can't find a specific answer to my question. Thank you!
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So, it's been 4 days and I see that staff does cruise this forum on a regular basis. Anyone have an answer? Thank you!
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Thank you for your request.

Multiple GPU systems are not currently supported by DisplayLink. We have had customers with 2 GPUs and CrossfireX enabled and they had no problems using the external monitors in such environment, although we've also had customers reporting smaller or bigger issues. In summary, we cannot promise it will work for you, it may or may not.

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