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Marc Jelen
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Exclamation Support for Windows 2003 Server NEEDED, pls help!

Hi Team & Community,
I just sent following email to Displaylink with the hope of their support:

Dear Sirs!
My name is Marc Jelen, i’m head of IPC Services & Sytems here at Aplica GmbH in Vienna.

We are working in the area of industrial embedded systems and are well known all over austria as a partner for complete industrial computing solutions.

One of our customers, the „Central fire department of the city of vienna“ was asking us for a new system of the central management system, where all the calls are registered and fire brigade operations are controlled and organized.

Due our longtime relationship to this organisation we knew their special requirements for a system,
one of these are silence and a fanless sytem.
So we decided to choose Nexcom‘s NISE-3140
( http://www.nexcom.com/ProductModel.a...0-9bfc5290413e ) as base system and 3x Displaylink Adapter from Kensington with DL-195 Chip to drive in total 5 Monitors.

Now i come to the point… Our customer is using Windows 2003 Server 32Bit as OS, and due the applications running on this system there’s NO way to change this.

On the other hand our whole system was designed with the Displaylink solution in mind, not realizing that there’s no (native) W2k3-support.
We did testings with XP and Win7, all of them where succsessful so we offered the system.

Now that we have the order in house for at least 100pcs of those adapters we saw that there’s no support for this OS, which leads us in deepest trouble.

After trying various types of installation methods we where the lucky winner and managed to do a setup with 2 internal driven
displays and 3x external displaylink display. Trouble is, that the way how we came there is more than „strange“ and not clear,
means we cannot sell such a system to our customer, alltough we know that Windows 2003 Server is possible to drive the Displaylink

What I would need, what i would really and honestly please you is an instalable version of your Software for W2k3,
maybe it could be enough not to check the OS when the Installer starts, this we would have to test…

For more Information and for you to see that we managed to bring up this system on Server 2003 please check the attached pictures,
a short movie is also available.

Personally I think that your ideas of USB-Displays and Wireless Displays ore one of the greatest ideas of the last years in IT,
especial for the Server and Digital Signage market.

So please help us being succsessful in our project, as we help you in promoting and selling such solutions.

PS.: please excuse that i sent this mail to various email accounts, but my hope is to find an answer very soon

Best regards & hope to hear from you very soon,

If You guys here could offer some help to solve our problem, pls contact me!!!
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Marc Jelen
Junior Member
Join Date: Nov 2010
Posts: 3
Smile Good news from Displaylink...

see what i got from Wim (thx for this answer):

Dear Marc Jelen,

Thank you for your e-mail. Currently we have to disable install on Windows
Server versions, due to a commercial agreement. This is why we have to enforce
a block on installing on server.

The good news is that this restriction expires at the end of this year, and
from the 1st January 2011, we will have a version of software that will
install and run on Windows server versions.

I'm afraid until that date, we cannot release a server version of our

Best regards,

DisplayLink Technical Support
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Hi Marc

A v5.6 beta release is now available in this forum that removes the server block.


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