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Default D6000 Screen Flickering with Displayport Monitor

I am experiencing constant screen flickering issues with my ASUS ROG PG278Q monitor connected to the D6000 via displayport. This monitor only has a displayport connection. I have updated to the latest firmware and drivers for the D6000. Additionally, I have tested this with multiple computers connected to the dock with multiple displayport cables. All different configurations show the same behavior. This flickering is indifferent to how many monitors are connected. When I try to make it the only monitor connected, it gets completely distorted and windows will revert back to the prior configuration since I am unable to do anything with it as the only display.

The setting that seems to have an impact on the flickering is changing the refresh rate. Some refresh rates the monitor goes completely blank and others the rate of flickering will change. At about 60 or 85 hz the flickering is roughly on and off 1 cycle every second. As you increase the refresh rate, the flickering rate seems to slow down. The monitor is capable of 144 hz, but that seems to causes the image to get completely distorted. At refresh rates lower than 60, the monitor goes blank and shuts down as if it's not receiving a signal.

The monitor is 2560 x 1440 and changing the resolution also doesn't seem to impact the flickering.

There aren't any settings in my monitor that I could find to address this. It sounds like there is a syncing issue between the monitor and the docking stations. Your help would be greatly appreciated
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I am sitting in the exact same boat with a Acer XB270HU screen, a Dell D6000 dock and a Macbook as well as a Dell Laptop that I want to use it with. The display only has one displayport input and works perfectly fine when connecting it to the laptops or another dock (that is not a Displaylink one) directly.
So far I have no clue how to solve that issue.
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d6000, flickering screen

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