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Default T450 display not working

Hi all. I have a Lenovo T450 connected to a Lenovo 3.0 USB dock. Everything is working except my dual monitors; connect Via the 2 DVI connections. I have installed the latest drivers both Lenovo 3.0 usb doc driver and the 8.0 Displylink drivers. What I noticed is whet the doc is initially connected, the monitors will turn on and display for a second before shutting off. When I check the device manage when the dock is initially connected, 3 things happen. First, the device pops up with an exclamation point (requesting the driver to be installed). Two, the driver installed nad the screens display for a second. Three, the driver seems to delete itself and the screens disconnect and go black, (kernel-pnp ID 420). Why is the driver deleting itself?

Troubleshooting steps taken.
1. Installed the latest drivers.
2. Swapped out the doc.
3. Uninstalled and reinstall all drivers.
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