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Default 8.5 Beta 1 Feedback

Just thought I'd share my experience with the 8.5 Beta 1 drivers (alternative encoder enabled).

I'm using a Lenovo USB 3.0 Ultra Dock, driving two 1080p monitors, one via HDMI, the other via DisplayLink. The attached laptop is a T470s (i5-7200, 12GB RAM, Intel 620).

When watching video on the DisplayLink connected display, CPU usage is still high, although better than before. The driver is peaking at about 24% CPU usage, but normally hovers around 12-18% when watching Netflix.

Video quality (in terms of compression artefacts) is noticeably worse (but good enough), I assume this is expected from the use of alternative encoder. Frame rate is massively improved from earlier (again, not great, but a very noticeable improvement).

Can we expect to see a performance fix for non-Intel GPUs? My other laptop has a Nvidia 1050, and at the moment, I resort to plugging it in directly to the monitor via HDMI, meaning my second monitor goes unused.
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