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Question spindly font on external monitor using HP elite dock


I've been having an ongoing issue with my HP elitebook X2 connected to a HP Elite Dock. The display on an external monitor (Samsung P2770HD, 1920x1080) is poor. Specifically, the displayed font in all applications appears very spindly. In addition in some instances where the font is shown a darker background (e.g on a bookmark bar of a browser), there is some glow around the letters. It's quite distracting.

In contrast, the font on the main display is crisp and clear. And, when I connect the monitor to another computer directly, it is also fine. So, the problem appears to be isolated to using the monitor as an external display via the HP dock. Of note, I had tried an older Lenovo dock (connected through a USB 3.0 port instead of the USB-C port) and also had similar issues.. I had chalked it up to some incompatability between the Lenovo dock and the HP computer. Finally, I have tried the dock with other monitors and also have had suboptimal resutls.. not the exact same issue, but again, a substandard display.

Working with HP support, we updated every possible driver. I also downloaded the latest displaylink software (version 8.2.2152.0). But, to no avail.

There are some other issues that I've noticed that may be related: can't adjust the gamma on the external monitor (seems to be a known limitation for this software) and the Intel Graphics panel does not recognize the second monitor, even though the monitor is recognized using the Windows Display properties.

Has anyone had similar issues that they resolved? HP support suggested that I get a new monitor.. though again, this monitor is fine when connected to another computer.


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We would need logs to investigate. That's in the third link of my forum signature.
Also having a photo of the defect would be useful to understand what you are seeing.

Text with DisplayLink driver is usually crisp, that's the main reason why people buy our technology... A glow around letters seems either timing or brightness thing. The photo with the logs will help understand what is taking place. HD is hardly difficult to drive.

Gamma ramp is a new feature, not implemented today. The photo will tell if that's related or not. This is unlikely.
The Intel Graphics panel would need to be modified to understand indirectly connected displays. Intel has shown no willingness to do so. However, you're welcome to flag the interest so we have a chance of Intel updating their application. Maybe the new requirements on Windows 10 will motivate them, but that doesn't have any impact on the graphics features... and such applications are non-necessary to run graphics.

Kind regards,
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elite dock, intel hd graphics, windows 10

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