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Originally Posted by macmee View Post
sometimes randomly my usb screen will just go black and my mac will just log me out too

product is basically useless atm
Im into about the fifth day with this display, and am finding more and more things which just dont work.
I think this is the most incompatible screen i ever had.. within a couple of weeks it will be relegated to the shelf to collect dust unless either ASUS come up with some drivers that work, or Apple fix the causes..
I was considering buying a zenbook lately but after this experience.. i think thats me done!
cant watch my apple dhcp content, mouse lags, scrolling freeze, no mission control as such, screen wont wake after sleep.. as well as the logout issue.. i have automatic login set with single user and it still logs me out.
Im starting to conclude that ASUS have released something that people are going to find out is hardly usable for many people's purposes.
Shame it was a good idea, but the incompatibilities make this product as you say USELESS to any serious user.
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