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Default New macbook M1pro with 4 displays

Hey all,

Ive seen many people discussing 2 or 3 external displays, but not about 4 displays (maybe a missed a post somewhere)

Anyway, Im considering to buy the new MacBook pro with M1 Pro chip and noticed that it now supports two external displays (one via usbc and another via hdmi).

Id like to use 4 external displays with 1080p FHD resolution and was wondering if this is achievable with a dock like D6000 or D3100, with fourth display via HDMI. Id rotate this HDMI display so better not use it thought the dock though.

I also noticed the Targus QV4K dock that supports four displays, but Im not sure a single usbc port would be enough for four 1080p displays at once (forgetting about rotation in this case of course).

Is it doable? Does anyone tried a setup with four displays?

Cheers, Silver
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