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Default Lubuntu 20.04 general protection fault

Hi everyone,
As per I have a working setup with my Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon gen 7 and Thunderbolt dock 40AF0135AU running Lubuntu 20.04. Initially I connected directly with HDMI cable, but since finding the DisplayLink driver I have now connected DisplayPort through the TB3 dock, and `arandr` shows me a DVI-I device which mostly continues to work.

Sadly it kicks me to login screen sometimes multiple times a day (although not at all today). Coinciding with this is an entry in dmesg, kern.log or syslog `general protection fault ...` from either lxqt-globalkeys or Core. It appears to be when the display is busier - Youtube videos, videoconferencing, or switching (with the keyboard) between virtual desktops.

I have compiled hardware information and sample of the errors at

Can I get some help troubleshooting this please? Is it a bug?

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