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Originally Posted by Anna View Post
I have noticed two different faults with the external connected screens not displaying properly, either after resuming from sleep or returning after being undocked.
Depending on the USB connection type to the dock (USB type-C or the USB type-C into the USB A adapter) the fault can var, but is quite replicable.

The issue is affecting many of our new WIndows 10 laptops using displaylink to enable 2 external screens, keyboard & mouse to be used connected to a Dell D6000 dock.
We are using 2 laptop types, HP Elite X2 1021 G2 & Dell 7390 2-in-1 which both use the Intel UHD 620 graphics.
Most affected users use their laptop connected to the dock with the laptop lid down, connecting 2 x Full HD screens by Displaylink to HDMI cable & USB keyboard & mouse.

The most common fault occurs when the laptop resumes from sleep, whereby the external Full HD monitors will default to 640x480 resolution with no option to change it in windows, display selection is greyed out.
The laptop screen shows the correct resolution still, just the attached monitors do not.
I have tried connecting by both USB type-C or the type-C into the USB A adapter, both ways have issues detecting the correct number of screens on wake and their correct resolution.

We also see another issue when the user returns to their desk with their laptop after using it not connected to a dock in a meeting room, whereby one screen will show in an odd letterbox style on screen (like an extra widescreen view) yet when looking in the Windows Display settings, it shows both screen are set to full HD still (1920 x1080) and creating a screen shot of both displays confirms it.
If you select the external screen not selected as the main screen in windows display settings, and tick the box to set as main screen, suddenly the bad resolution screen changes in windows settings to be the same 640x480 unchangeable screen type.

Reseating the USB type-C cable resolves this too, but its frustrating for users to be continually removing/replacing the USB cable to enable their screens to resume.
  • Seems to be affecting displaylink drivers 8.4M2, 8.5M0 & 8.5M1
  • Issue occurs on Windows 1709 & 1803
  • The machines in use are a mix of HP Elite x2 1021 G2 & Dell 7390 2-in-1 laptops, both using the Intel Graphics UHD 620 card and latest Intel OEM Graphics drivers (Dell: v23.20.16.4973 & HP v22.20.16.4799)
  • Laptops connected to Dell D6000 docks either by USB type-C or the USB-A adapter containing the USB type-c.
  • 2 x Full HD 24" widescreens are connected to the dock using Displaylink (dock end) to HDMI (LCD end) cables

Has anyone else noticed 640x480 forced resolution for Full HD external screens on resume from sleep or after reconnecting back to dock?
Hello, were you able to resolve this issue? I'm having the same issue. Requesting assistance on the same.
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