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Originally Posted by cheek View Post
Hi, Thanks for your reply. I did all the steps you mentioned but unfortunatly with no luck. It seems that MacOS 10.14.1(MOJAVE) has issue with multi-display setup. In my case my BELKIN EXPRESS DOCK HD is connected via USB-C to the mackbook pro, one monitor is connected via DISPLAY PORT and the other that is not recognized has HDMI connected to the dock using USB-C adaptor. Again it was working correctly with MACOS 10.13.6 HIGH SIERRA. I sometimes had to disconnect and reconnect but it was working. I guess I will wait 10.14.2 then. The workaround for now is to disconnect the 2nd monitor and connect it directly to the MAC waiting the OS upgrade and thus Display Link upgrade. Thanks ! All teh best / Frederic
Are you sure you have a DisplayLink based product? The Belkin dock you have uses Thunderbolt, not DisplayLink. And the USB C to HDMI adapter you are using is possibly using VESA alternate mode from USB C, which will not work through USB hubs.

Just want to make sure you are actually using a DisplayLink enabled product and your issue is not due to something else.

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