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Originally Posted by Bravo_Mike View Post
I'm beyond holding out hope for this product. As a Linux user, my dock hasn't functioned the way it's intended to for several months now, and that's having tested across separate machines with different hardware configurations all the while modifying software configurations to see if I could reach some result that even comes close to reaching a state of reasonable usability.

The utter lack of support and communication across different forums seemingly delivers quite the impression as to where the Linux community lies in their order of priorities (personal guess, it's closer to the bottom of the list than it is the top).

For now, I'm keeping my eyes open for another alt-mode dock that will actually get out of the way and let me work. I don't think I've ever been quite so disappointed in a technology or product as I am with DisplayLink.

"Sky High Prices, Rock Bottom Support!"
I'm suscribe each word. Please, could be interesting share the similar devices without DisplayLink tecnology, that works (if you don't want share here, please write me a private message). I lost completly any hope: 1 by the unsupported technology on Linux and 2 unsupported community, the base of any good technology.
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