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Hello! Exact same behaviour in Ubuntu 20.04 with latest drivers (5.4.1) in a device with two ports. When you unplug, change the resolution, or switch monitors when device is connected, the computer crash and the only way to unlock is power of from the button. If you suspend your computer yo need to have the device plugged, if not, then crash.

This is a very anoying issue. We are suffering it since the last kernel updates (in technical sheet, it is compatible), with no patch or solution. We bough devices with displaylink (not cheap!) to work with our monitors, and we bought an stress: we can't use our JOB laptops as they are, because they crash with a natural use because drivers for community are not serious thing to DisplayLink.

No response from official company, the releases are slow and not coordinated with the official repository of EVDI. This is not serious for a supossed quality product. Please take control of the driver and launch for linux community a FUNCTIONAL DRIVER.
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