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Default Only 1 Monitor works at a time with Dual USB Monitors

Hi All,

I have two mobile USB DisplayLink monitors that are using DL125 DisplayLink chips. They each use a single USB 2.0 connection for both power and data.

What I am trying to do is plug both monitors into my Dell Latitude E5270 laptop to have 2 external monitors. Using windows 10.

I am only able to use one monitor at a time. When I plug in the first monitor it powers up and the display extends. But when I plug in the second monitor it does not power up nor display. The first monitor continues to function. But when I remove the first monitor (with both plugged in) monitor 2 magically powers up and begins displaying.

I know that each monitor is functioning properly as they each work when I plug them into the laptop by themselves.

Both monitors are also being recognized under “Display Adapters” in Device Manager. But only one of the external monitors is being recognized in the “Display Settings”.

I have updated to the most recent DisplayLink driver so I should be good on that front. But for some reason I am only able to use one of these monitors at a time.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get both operating at once? Is this a known limitation of the DL-125 chip?

Thank you all so much for the help!

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