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Default Need to convert a USB2 into LCD panel (LVDS?) plus touch)

Hi everyone,

1. For starters, the "ease" of contacting techsupport makes me ask: how reliable a source is DL, if I cannot call anyone in it or Synaptics?
Being a single source of this kind of chips, gets me a bit worried.

2. I need to drive a small 5" display from a USB. I would like to avoid sticking a USB to HDMI converter and then drive a display with its own control board and HDMI input.
I'd rather created my own board with USB-to-LVDS adapter and then USB-hub it into the USB trunk to add Touch information using I2C-to-USB converter.
I wonder how close any DL solution gets to it and what the chip prices are.
I would ask this of sales but, again.....calls are routed in a void.


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