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Angry Drivers stop working after a kernel upgrade, need reinstall


I am an Ubuntu (18.04.2 LTS) user and I am using DisplayLink drivers for a USB Dock with my Laptop (Lenovo Yoga 910) since driver version 1.4.

I have upgraded to subsequent drivers versions when they came out, so right now I am running version 4.4, however, on versions 4.2 and 4.4 I have noticed that every time I do a kernel upgrade (which happens around once a month) drivers stop working and I need to do a uninstall and then reinstall same driver I had and reboot the machine in order for the driver to "attach" to the new kernel.

This although is quite simple is annoying, it seems like when you install the driver it actually attaches to the kernel and when the kernel is upgraded it won't transfer driver to it and you have to do it for it.

Is this something that can be prevented somehow? Can DisplayLink look into this for future releases?
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