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Lightbulb 1070 won't wake up


got the problem, playing pubg sometimes I have low fps (~20), and sometimes high (>100).
I figuered out, that at low fps, the GPU clocks are in idle mode (608 MHz, 405 MHz RAM) even the load of GPU is 99% (taskmanager).

To "wake up the GPU", I have to enable the nativ screen of the laptop. nvidia control panal can be reached now (otherwise error appears, there is no GPU for nvidia) and the clocks rise to 1443 MHz, 4007 MHz.

Laptop, Asus GL502VSK, i7-7700HQ, nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 8GB, Win10 64bit pro, DiplayLink Manager 8.5.3276.0, nvidia driver 391.35

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