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Hello Isac,

Thank you for the logs and details, that's helpful.

The DisplayLink chips doesn't see the mouse or keyboard. The two DisplayLink chips in the box are connected, like your mouse/keyboard, to a USB hub internally before it all goes to your computer. The difference is we can use both USB2 and USB3. Does the Ethernet connection goes down as well when your keyboard starts to flicker? I'm asking as this is a different device using a different driver (but same physcial chip).

I also see disconnections on our graphics logs, so it looks like the USB is instable, confirmed by the fact the light on your mouse/keyboard don't stay up: they are jumping up and down. That seems very low level because "flicker" suggests to me it's a quick change, and you can see that Windows takes at least a second to react to new hardware plugged in: the flickering is too fast for Windows.

I don't foresee any possible impact of BIOS or DisplayLink driver here. The USB Host Controller driver is now inboxed and I've not received negative feedback on the Windows 10 RS4 version you're using, so I'd be tempted to exclude that as a possible culprit too.
That leaves the USB device, host, converter or hub. But, because you have several devices exhibiting the issue, I'd exclude devices (unless they generate traffic making someone above them reset the connection altogether).

I see the mouse is wired, is the keyboard wired too? And what kind of keyboard is it?
Do you have the same instability if you move one/both of the keyboard and mouse to the laptop directly? I understand it's not the solution, but cross-test will help find the culprit.
Would you also be able to try on direct USB3 Type-A to the laptop, instead of going through the C->A adapter? That shouldn't make a difference if the port/cable are compliant, but something is obviously wrong here.

Do you have anything wireless (bluetooth, mouse, 2.4GHz device) against the docking station or USB 3 cable? 2.4GHz interferes with USB 3.0 communications when in close proximity.

I'm sorry I have more questions than answers now...

Kind regards,
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