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Default can't use 17" apple studio display on displaylink usb adapter

I'm testing windows insider build 10240 enterprise.
I'm using an HP nl571aa displaylink adapter connected via usb to my desktop and by DVI to an Apple ADC to DVI adapter, which is connected to power and my 17" apple studio display. The display gets power (visible by the led on the front of the display), but the panel doesn't (totally black, no backlight). As a test, I plugged another known good display into the displaylink adapter and that was successful. I also plugged the apple 17" studio display directly into the video card, and that too, was successful. Furthermore, this same apple studio display operated just fine on this very same displaylink adapter on the same computer under windows 8.1 (using the windows 8.1 drivers that hp has on their driver page for this device).

I saw in another thread that you guys suggested to someone having issues to run a diagnostic tool that a displaylink employee linked to in order to gather more information about the machine and the problem they were experiencing. In hopes of a slightly more expeditious resolution, I have included the output of that tool in this post as well, in case you find it useful.

I would be very grateful for any assistance you can provide.
Thank you in advance!
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