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Default Dell D6000 Dock DisplayPort output not recognized

Dell D6000 Dock USB-C
Dell 15in XPS 9570

Iíve installed Ubuntu LTS18.04 on this unit(because I despise the newer Windows OSís). along with installed the DisplayLink drivers. But I am getting lost in different articles/forum posts asking to run different commands that may or may not be the same issue. I can start my XPS and boot into Ubuntu however neither DisplayPort monitors come on or activate. I have over the holiday been able to do additional testing and discovered the HDMI connector does register and activate to extend the desktop without issue. The USB ports and Ethernet adapters also work, which leaves the 2 DisplayPort connectors as the problem issue. (I should also note that before I changed OSís the DisplayPortís did work so I know it must be a driver issue.

Hopefully someone may have had a similar issue and fix or a few commands/outputs I should run to provide a better understanding of the issue would be extremely helpful.

Thanks in Advance for any help!
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