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Default Problem in Ubuntu 20.04 lts new install and wayland


I have a desktop with a nvidia card gtx 1070.
I have dell dock d3100

My linux kernel is 5.8.0-40-generic

it work on my dell laptop installed some 1 or 2 years ago.

So I have installed the last driver

sudo ./
I have connected one screen on my Nvidia gtx 1070 otherwise i have not the screen working, and second monitor on the dock.

1) In "Wayland", I see the second monitor in the display settings of Ubuntu, the second monitor on the dock work, but the screen stay black. Strangly I only see the mouse moving on it.

2) I have try "xorg" on the login screen, and on this mode it work correctly. So no problem with xorg.

Have you an idea what can be the problem with Wayland?

ps: I have install first the nvidia proprietary driver for my cart, but I have revert to open source drivers like asked in your doc.
And i have uninstall displaylink, reboot, then reinstall, but still the problem only for "wayland" so.

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