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Default Displaylink Driver not installing

Due to a recent Linux update, I had to reinstall the displaylink driver and ran into errors.

Pasting them below
Verifying archive integrity... 100% All good.
Uncompressing DisplayLink Linux Driver 5.4.0-55.153 100%
DisplayLink Linux Software 5.4.0-55.153 install script called:
Distribution discovered: Pop!_OS 20.10


[ Installing EVDI ]
[[ Installing EVDI DKMS module ]]

Creating symlink /var/lib/dkms/evdi/1.9.1/source ->

DKMS: add completed.

Kernel preparation unnecessary for this kernel. Skipping...

Building module:
cleaning build area...
make -j8 KERNELRELEASE=5.11.0-7614-generic all INCLUDEDIR=/lib/modules/5.11.0-7614-generic/build/include KVERSION=5.11.0-7614-generic DKMS_BUILD=1...(bad exit status: 2)
ERROR (dkms apport): binary package for evdi: 1.9.1 not found
Error! Bad return status for module build on kernel: 5.11.0-7614-generic (x86_64)
Consult /var/lib/dkms/evdi/1.9.1/build/make.log for more information.
ERROR: Failed to install evdi to the kernel tree.
The make.log is attached. Thanks for any direction on what could be done
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