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Default Displays Will Not Turn On

Hi All,

Apologies in advance if this has been answered or ask before, but I cant find it.
Ubuntu 20.04, Kernel 5.11.0-7612.
Laptop System76.
1-Extra Monitor connected to the VGA out port
2-Extra Monitors USB connected via a DELL D6000 dock

My issue....This did all work until a day or so ago.
On laptop power up all screens come up. I get the purple background.
After login the Dell connected displays go black.

If I look at the settings manager they are listed but turned off.
I cant turn them on. If I change them to on and hit 'apply' it just turns them straight off.

I'm guessing this is a profile thing since all 4 screens are displaying pre-logon.

I've tried re-installing displaylink (5.4.0-55.133) but same issue.
I did try uninstalling it and installing, but that fails on install.

Other info (if this helps, if I log in with wayland, it works)
But I also have to use MS teams and that doesn't
So Xorg it really has to be.
I can see in the xorg.0.log the following lines happens:

(EE) modeset(G0): failed to set mode: Invalid argument
(EE) modeset(G1): failed to set mode: Invalid argument
Can anyone guide me where to even look please ?

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