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Originally Posted by stvlada View Post
Of course Im not trying to test this nVidia tool on the ATI graphic card.
Originally one of my HP laptops has nVidia card and that laptop is giving me headaches with WUDFhost, temperature and CPU fan.
After some troubleshooting Iíve noticed that my nVidia card is not in use that much, while Intel 530 is the one used most of the time and that one is being utilized where clock is quite high snd that brings the temperature up while connected to the Dell D3100 docking station.
Iíll have to test without dock and see how it reacts.

Beside that, other laptop I have HP ZBook 15G with ATi card dont have any symptoms when connected to the same docking station.
In context this is what my GTX is doing also, plug it in and it clocks VERY high. Unplug it and it works as per normal. Pass it through to the GPU and use that cool,. or maybe we can find a way of downclocking the IGPU which i wouldnt do.

The Hd530 is on the CPU DIE which is why its running hot (cause its clocking )
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