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Originally Posted by Jeff4 View Post
Using StarTech TB3CDK2DP docking station, 2 Active DisplayPort to HDMI adapters, DisplayPort Manager V 1.2 and still no monitor detected.

Why does the M1 chip display on one external monitor but the DisplayLink Manager says there are no monitors detected?

How do you plan to fix DisplayLink Manager so it recognizes the connected monitor I read the message:: "Connection Status: No monitor detected" on?
According to the specifications published by StarTech for your dock --> it does NOT use DisplayLink technology. It is using Thunderbolt 3/USB-C technology.

This is why the DisplayLink Manager App says no monitor detected, because there is in fact no monitor connected to the system using DisplayLink technology.

Apple M1-based laptops only support one external display via Thunderbolt 3/USB-C. This is why only one external display will work. This is a limitation of the laptop, not a limitation of the StarTech dock.

If you have further questions, I would suggest contacting StarTech directly for assistance (since the product you are using does not use DisplayLink technology).
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