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I noticed that the release notes specifically calls out Linux kernel versions 4.15 through 5.5. I was using kernel 5.10.6 and have now switched to 5.4.92. I also switched from evdi 1.9.0 to the version bundled in the DisplayLink driver download, which I believe to be 1.7.0.

Despite all this, I get exactly the same indications as in my original post. Nothing has changed.

What diagnostics are available? How do I read DisplayLinkManager.log? How can I proceed?

Update: I was able to get things working to a limited degree by restarting the X server after doing "udevadm trigger -c add". I then had to go through the xrandr rigmarole before being able to enable the displays for use. Guess that's all on me to figure out what's stopping udev from working right at boot time. I'll post updates as I get this worked out.

The big problem now is the very poor display update rate. It seems like exactly the same problem described by "Notice to Ubuntu 20.04 users". However, I can't use the provided patch because I'm using 1.20.10 on Slackware, not 1.20.8 on Ubuntu. Also I have an AMD-only system, which the patch specifically calls out as not being supported.

Is the patch available in source code form? Maybe I could port it from 1.20.8 to 1.20.10 and rebuild for my architecture and distribution.

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