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Originally Posted by pat1 View Post
I forced my system (20.04) with the latest kernel available.
With the latest kernel from apt-get dist-upgrade (5.4) still had problems, then used this script to get kerlnel 5.8 and now works fine.

Only side problem is that my vmware and virtualbox stopped to work because no drivers available for this kernel. Great oppurtunity to learn 'virt-manager' qemu kvm stuff ...
Good to hear that. 20.04 probably will get 5.8 kernel next month as another point release with stuff from Ubuntu 20.10.

I am not very familiar with kernel development, but since 5.4 is LTS, used by the most popular Linux distros rn and affected by nasty displaylink bug which was fixed in later kernel versions. Shouldn't it get the fix backported then?

Ah, btw. I tried installing proprietary AMDGPU drivers to check if it fixes anything - no changes at all...

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