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Originally Posted by fitter View Post
I could even live some time with lagging external screen, I can just display there some static things and mainly work on my laptop screen. But this problem also affects my laptop's audio, which gets some hiccups. I cant accept it unfortunately...
Small update. Ubuntu 20.04 got minor kernel update recently, so I decided to install the displaylink driver again and check if it fixed the external screen responsiveness (it didn't...).
But by accident I discovered something else, audio provided by the docking station is not as jerky as the native laptop's headphone output. Small win, I can now use the external screens to do some tasks
Edit: It's not completely fine, I can still hear cracking when window displayed on the external screen refreshes it's content

Are you aware of the performance issue on AMD systems running 20.04? I see that "1fps when laptop screen disabled" bug got some attention and there is a work going on it. I don't know if the problem I am facing is related to it or no. If you want I can provide more data

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